About UAC

The University Activities Center (UAC) is a student-run programming organization at the University of Michigan. UAC's mission is to provide quality programming which is both entertaining and enriching to the lives of the students, faculty and staff in the University community.

UAC is composed of 15 committees, each involving students in the planning and execution of a variety of events both on and off campus. Whether it's theatre, comedy, music, dance, lectures, competitions, multicultural programming, debates, movies, mini-courses, or just plain old partying, UAC's committees can make it happen!


The University Activities Center (UAC) was established by the Regents in 1965 upon the completion of the Union-League Merger Report which outlined the need for the consolidation of the student activities of the Michigan Union and the Michigan League. At that time the student programs being sponsored by the Union and the League were predominantly low budget, high student participation, and short term in nature. (Typical examples included Michigras, Winter Weekend, and Homecoming) With the accomplishment of the merger both the Union and League activities were launched in the direction of new programs which surpassed the bound of social events and broke into previously professional domains. Notably these included a growing travel program and theatrical events (MUSKET and Soph Show) which demanded more production time and larger budgets. This shift away from individual events and towards more comprehensive programming was, however, neither unforeseeable nor accidental. The philosophy of UAC as set forth in the merger agreement had clearly set the organization moving in the direction. In their introduction to their report the merger committee stated:

"Although the proposed merger is ostensibly an amalgamation of the existing structures, the scope of its activities should be broadened beyond the current range of endeavor of the Union and League."

During the years which immediately followed, UAC seemed to be in mid-stride between two distinctly different types of organizations. As student needs and attitudes changed new programs were initiated. By 1970 what had begun as a minor directional shift in programming whose aim had been to expand the "scope" of campus activities, was manifesting itself in the emergence of activities with staggering budgets and liabilities. Four student officers who once coordinated many smaller activities were now juggling transatlantic charter arrangements and major rock concert promotion agencies, while demands on the time, need for specific skills, and funding requirement continued to grow. In view of these increasing responsibilities it became more and more difficult for student officers to delegate authority to student participants and professional assistance was increasingly sought out. The programming in which UAC now engages has, in fact, become so complex and time consuming that the boards in control of the Michigan Union and the Michigan League have deemed it desirable to be absolved of their fiscal and administrative responsibility for the organization.

Even in the wake of this constant fluctuation, however, once crucial factor has remained unchanged; that is, a conviction shared by all who have come into contact with UAC over the years that it represents one of the most educational experiences that the University has to offer its students. Student initiation and production of student activities programming is undoubtably as central to UAC's philosophy and purposes as any other single factor. It is our firm belief that the following proposal not only preserves this philosophy, but also provides for a structure which will insure the most comprehensive and the soundest student activities programming possible.

The organization shall retain the name of the University Activities Center (UAC). It shall endeavor to augment and enhance the educational and social atmosphere of the University, by providing activities and programs for students. It shall determine student preferences and provide programs based on these preferences. It shall provide students and opportunity to learn new skills, individually or with groups, which are not a part of his/her formal learning program but which open new vistas, opportunities, and interests.

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