Amazin' Blue
Amazin' Blue is the U of M's oldest co-ed a cappella group, with 20 years of musical experience, including 7 CD albums. All music sung by Amazin' Blue is arranged by one or more of it's members. 

MUSKET is the only completely student run musical theatre company on the University of Michigan's campus. Everything from directing to producing and designing is done by students. Each school year MUSKET presents two musical productions. 

Big Ticket Productions
BTP is responsible for planning major, professional shows each semester on campus. From Guster to Ludacris to Ben Folds, BTP works hard at contacting agents, marketing the events to sell tickets, and possibly even coordinating the shows backstage! 

ComCo is U of M's oldest and most humorous improv group on campus! We have 3 of our own shows a year and are always excited to be a part of other groups' performances. We do lots of great improv games and are good looking too. Don't forget to check us out! 

Michigan Every Three Weekly
The Every Three Weekly is the only certified fake newspaper on campus. It's numbers are taken from a diverse blend of people, if you like that sort of nonsense. 

Groove is a multi-talented group of HIGH ENERGY musicians and artists drawn together to have fun rocking the masses! This entertainment group performs using traditional and non-traditional instruments, blending comedy and choreography into performances on stage and street. 

M-agination Films
M-agination Films is a place where students of all majors and interests can come together to make great student films. Students have a chance to learn and take part in every aspect of film making, from creating an original idea to seeing it on the big screen. 

Michigan Academic Competitions
Our quiz bowl program is devoted to the accumulation, absorption, and recollection of random academic knowledge. We compete on a local and national level with other college teams. 

Mini Courses
Mini Courses offers fun, non academic, non credit classes at a relatively cheap cost! Classes include meditation, bartending, belly dancing and more. They are a great way to relax, participate in an extracurricular activity, and meet new people! 

Impact is a small, student run, self-choreographed dance group which rehearses all year in our variety of styles to prepare for our self-produced show in the winter semester. 

M-Flicks is a University of Michigan group that brings films to campus and screens them in any of several auditoriums. Our showings range anywhere from special sneak previews to classics. 

Michigan Pops Orchestra
The Michigan Pops Orchestra is the only student run and student directed orchestra at the University of Michigan. Pops concerts feature music performers love to perform, and audiences love to hear. 

The Rude Mechanicals
The Rude Mechanicals are a fun-loving student-run theater group. The Rudes perform at least one Shakespeare play each year (typically in the Fall term), as well as more modern shows. This group provides great opportunities not only performing on stage, but also in leadership and technical roles behind the scenes. 

Student Astronomical Society
The Student Astronomical Society (SAS) of the University of Michigan is a student-run organization that focuses on outreach in the community. Within the University, we hold Open Houses to exhibit our planetarium and telescope in order to teach the community about astronomy, and we give tutoring to the introductory-level astronomy classes.
We also take part in events such as K-Grams and Exhibit Museum events to expand our love for astronomy outside the school walls. In the past years, we have taken part in hosting a series of public lectures to raise awareness about astronomy and its new developments and fields; last fall we welcomed lecturers from around the country to take part in Scales of the Universe.